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The search for a dentist Bern will give you several choices, but when you are looking for a dentist where you feel comfortable taking your whole family, from your youngest kids to your great grandmother, you need a dentist Bern that provides all services you may have the need for, and who also provides a comfortable and safe environment. Most people like to know their dentist so that they can easily get in touch with a dentist when they have an emergency, and they also know who to contact for a regular checkup or to get your children’s teeth straightened when they are ready for orthododontic work. Kids can be especially nervous when they realize they are in need of dental work, and by taking them to a familiar dentist where they have been before and where they know they are in safe hands, it is easier to convince your kids that there is no reason to be scared of getting their teeth fixed.

We offer services that covers the needs of your entire family and for all ages. When you require dental treatment, we will make sure you get treatment as quickly as possible so you or your family do not need to endure pain and discomfort longer than necessary. Not all dental issues occur during ordinary business hours, and therefore we also offer emergency services. Dental issues may be quite painful in some situations, and it is therefore important to be able to get the necessary treatment without having to wait until the next work day. Emergency services will provide the necessary assistance when you need it.

Services for your family

Take care of your family’s dental hygiene to avoid the need for emergency services. We recommend you utilize Services for dental hygiene Bern on a regular basis to discover issues early and treat them before they become urgent issues. Our services are fit for your entire family’s dental needs. At different ages people will require different dental services, and we can offer all that is needed for your family members. Our services include peadiatric dentistry, orthodontics, prosthodontics, implantology which is often offered to different age groups, and in addition to this you will be able to utilize our services for dental hygiene and also for necessary treatment depending on what type of dental issues you or your family may experience. As a dentist in Bern we offer all you may require for your dental needs, but we can also offer cosmetic treatments like bleaching. When you experience discoloring of your teeth due to smoking or to other issues that causes discoloring many people struggle with lowered self-esteem, and others may wish to utilize bleaching services purely for cosmetic reasons. No matter what your reasons may be, you will be able to achieve the result you require which is offered with our dentist Bern offices.

Paediatric dentistry

When your children need to visit a dentist in Bern, they will find their visit with our dentist Bern comforting and safe. It is important that children have the utter most confidence in our staff so that they will feel comfortable to visit again the next time they have the need for checkups or for treatment. When you need a checkup to maintain your child’s dental hygiene, we want every child to look forward to visiting our offices without being afraid of what the visit may entail. Our paediatric service is an important part of offering a dental service to service your entire family. When children remember their visit with us as a positive experience, that will be the basis for utilizing our services on future encounters.

Not only is our paediatric services focused on making your children feel welcome and safe, but your children will also want to visit us again next time. Our services are adjusted to avoid situations which will make children feel uncomfortable. Many children develop a fear of dentist visits, and that creates great problems the next time their parents would like to bring them to a dentist office, and it could also cause trouble for their dental hygiene offered as dental hygiene Bern in the future as their parents may have trouble to get them to visit a dentist in Bern when needed.


It is not uncommon for young teenagers to need corrective work on their teeth. Some work may be cosmetic, but they may also get dental trouble later in life without corrective treatment. At what age your kid can start with corrective treatment will depend on when they have gotten their adult teeth. The length of such treatment will also vary according to what work is needed. This treatment may include removing teeth to make room for the corrective treatment, but it can also include simple surgical procedures to help the corrective movement. Your teenager will get a procedure which will be as comfortable as possible. When this procedure is finished, your teenager will have perfectly positioned teeth which will be cosmetically perfect and will serve their purpose as long as possible. Orthodontic procedures can be somewhat scary for some teenagers, but with the teenager being comfortable with their dentist Bern from earlier in life, it is a much more comfortable situation where it is easier to trust their dentist.

Oral surgery

Sometimes there is a need for more than just dental hygiene Bern with different issues, either due to injuries or due to untreated dental issues. If you have a need for oral surgery, we will make sure this treatment is as comfortable as possible and to avoid pain during surgery. When oral surgery is necessary, we want to make sure it is done precisely and swiftly and that the patient remains comfortable throughout the surgery.

To reduce the possibility that oral surgery is necessary, you should make regular visits to make use of our dental hygiene Bern services. With regular visits your dentist Bern will discover any issues early and you will receive treatment before the issue develops into a larger and more complex issue. Even if we also offer root canal treatment, or endodontology, we would much rather treat issues before this type of treatment is necessary. If an issue has developed far enough to cause a high amount of pain, it will be necessary to utilize our emergency service to treat the issue as soon as possible and to also reduce or eliminate the pain. When you have access to all these services in one place you need only visit our offices for your dental needs.

Implantology and bleaching

Sometimes the only effective way to save teeth is to replace them with implantations. We offer effective implantology when this the type of service needed to maintain your teeth the way you want to. Injured or damaged teeth can be restored using different techniques that will replace a tooth entirely, or you may build an artificial tooth upon an existing root. Which method is used for you to maintain your teeth will depend on how serious the injury or damage is to a tooth. If you get your teeth checked regularly, you may avoid a situation where you need implantology, but if this is the solution for you, you will receive the best treatment available with a result that will astonish you.

Cosmetic treatment is an option if you have experienced that your teeth have become discolored. This can happen due to what you regularly eat or drink, and also if you for example smoke. It is possible to get rid of your discoloring, but it is recommended that you schedule a checkup first to determine if you would achieve the expected results when utilizing bleaching services. You may for example experience that bleaching is not a perfect option if you have many fillings in your teeth. The reason for this is that fillings may not bleach the same way as your original tooth surfaces. A dentist in Bern will be able to determine if this is the case for you, or if you get the perfect result from the bleaching. Many people will get increased self-esteem when they get rid of tooth discoloring.

Emergency services

Because dental issues can cause serious pain, it may be necessary to treat issues as soon as possible. You cannot plan when you develop a dental issue or when receiving an injury, and therefore it is important to have access to an emergency service. Our services as a dentist Bern includes emergency services so you can be comfortable that we can help you when you need it the most. We will help you to treat tooth ache as soon as possible. If needed you will receive an urgent fix off hours, and you will come in for a permanent fix at the earliest convenience so that you can be sure that the issue is solved. Even if teeth are meant to be able to handle a lot of chewing resistance, they are also extremely sensitive for damages and injuries, and will therefore need treatment as soon as possible.

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